My partner in crime on many of my projects these days is “The DRG” – The Dirty Rock Guy, aka “The Domestic Rock God”.


I’m not 100% sure how he acquired that nickname, but I think HE is the one the coined it….one day he said, “What on earth are you doing with a dirty rock guy like me?”…and somehow it stuck.

It’s definitely a term of endearment. 😉

We met about 10 years ago. I was running my corporate gift basket business and sitting on various board of director committees by day, and booking bands and marketing a grungy rock and heavy metal live music club by night. The DRG was the front man for one of the classic rock bands who played there. He was married and I was living with someone at the time, so we were friendly but dating wasn’t on anyone’s radar. If it was, I probably would have said that he was not my type – he had hair halfway down his back, a long scruffy beard, tons of tattoos and his musical taste leaned towards Slayer and Pantera.

Years later (and both single) we bumped into each other at the Dinosaur Bar-B-Que where we were both watching a blues show. We’ve been inseparable every since. BAM! Who knew?

No, he is not actually dirty. 

He’s worked for the same company for 20+ years, he’s very devoted to his kids and he’s the one of the kindest people I’ve ever met. I’m lucky to have met him and luckier still that he puts up with me and all my crazy.


The DRG drives a giant Silverado with an 8 foot bed which I must admit I made fun of a little when we got together. You know, guy with a big truck, must be compensating, etc. But, like any good DIY-er, I am ALWAYS hauling around old furniture and bulky raw materials. As someone who once strapped a large thrift store china cabinet onto the roof of my 2 door Honda Civic, I converted quickly to being a raving fan of the big dumb truck. It’s pretty much the Barbie Dream Car for DIY-ers.

He also introduced me to the handy phrase “cosmetic fuckery”

Cosmetic Fuckery (Koz-met-ik Fuck-er-eee)

To make something appear better than what it actually is through shady creative DIY tactics. Usually involves copious amounts of caulk and paint. Sometimes known as “smoke and mirrors”. Can also refer to a renovation that appears nice to the casual observer, but is revealed to be poorly done and held together by duct tape and DAP upon closer inspection.