ReStore SCORE!

DIYers all know the drill…

The search for the perfect piece of furniture, random decorative item, or raw material for a project is not always easy and doesn’t usually happen on your first trip out. You have to find that magical combination of size, style, price + rehab potential, and thrift store shopping and yard sale-ing for that perfect combo take patience and time – usually.

I hit my local ReStore on Friday with 2 projects in mind:

  1. We’re planning a “pantry between the studs” for the area just outside my kitchen door in the same area as the DIY Wooden Crate Shoe Rack I made recently. I was looking for some lightweight narrow doors or shutters that I could paint or stain.
  2. I had a table in my dining room – sort of a small console style – that was functioning as a bar with a wall mounted wine and glass rack hanging above it. I swiped the table and put in the sunroom that I’m in the middle of redoing, so I need a replacement. It’s not a big space and I wanted something with storage in it, so I decided to look for a double upper kitchen cabinet. If I add legs and some kind of cool top, it will be the perfect size.

Behold this fabulous blast from the 70’s:

ReStore doors and old cabinet

I’m sure these pieces began their lives in a kitchen with avocado green appliances and lots of harvest gold linoleum.

And probably a fondue pot.

How do you like this shade of Donald Trump orange? đŸ˜‰ Holy cow…

I haven’t settled on finishes for either project yet, but I’m super-stoked that I found exactly what I need for both projects.

What is your best ReStore find?

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