ReStore & Thrift Store Upcycles

I absolutely LOVE shopping at my local thrift stores and the ReStore, don’t you? I enjoy the thrill of the hunt and I get a charge out of scoring killer deals on raw materials for my next DIY project. Plus – my DIY habit helps out awesome organizations like the Rescue Mission and Habitat for Humanity.

This gallery contains projects that were made from items I found at the thrift store or the ReStore. Plus, six times I year I publish a roundup post of cool projects from DIY bloggers around the country using something they found at the ReStore. Once a month I participate in a link up with 20 other bloggers to share thrift store or ReStore upcycles. So if you love a good DIY upcycle, you’re in the right place.  🙂

ReStore Round up Vol. 1


Thrift & ReStore Holiday Decor