One Step Forward, Two Steps Back

Not surprisingly, we’ve run into a few “issues” with the #NeverEndingReno.

“Issues” aren’t good….”Issues” are code for more work, more money or both.

Issue #1:

kitchen renovation issues 1

We are planning to put a piece of trim between the butcher block counter and the bead board back splash to finish it off. BUT – the existing chair rail ends in this corner and it’s too wide and chunky to just continue and obviously we can’t change it at the corner. So, we have to tear the chair rail down and put something in that will work both as a chair rail and as molding at the base of the back splash.

Issue #2:

kitchen renovation issue 2

When we reattached the doors to the new cabinet next to the stove, we realized that there isn’t as much space between the wall and the cupboard door as the old cabinet, so the door wouldn’t open even partially without cutting a chunk of the baseboard out. Obviously we can’t leave it like this, so we have to pull out the original 8″ baseboards and replace them with something around 4-5″ high that ends before the cabinet door starts.  AND – this means that the bead board needs to be redone too.


In better news – we’re ripping out the old kitchen floor today! Since we knew we were going to tear it out, we haven’t been using drop cloths, so it’s in pretty rough shape at this point…I can’t say that I’m sorry to see it go.

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