My Ugly Light Fixture Round Up

I realized recently that my light fixture game is pretty weak.

Feast your eyes on this beauty:

Light fixture 1

It might be one of the most awkward light fixtures ever. And it’s hanging in my sun room.

With all the other projects I’ve been working on, I guess I stopped looking at the fixtures…and now that I’m looking at them, I’m kinda horrified. We don’t use that room much, but man… it’s hideous. I remember thinking I needed to replace it ASAP when I moved in, and then it kind of grew on me, I decided it was “quirky”, and then I just lost track of it. Now I’m mortified it’s still here.

I’m thinking about replacing it with something like this Bentwood Pendant from West Elm:

West Elm Bentwood Pendant

It’s more contemporary than what I usually go for, but I think that’s a good thing. Or maybe this one from Lowe’s:

Lowe's Industrial light fixture

and I love this one, also from Lowe’s:

Lowe's Cage Flushmount

I’ve got this little number hanging out at the bottom of the stairs in my living room:

Light fixture 2

It wasn’t terrible (at least that’s what I told myself) when I had a more vintage-antique vibe going on in the room, but I think it’s time for an update. I’m debating between these two styles:

Parrot Uncle Cage Sconce

Parrot Uncle Cage Wall Sconce

Or something more traditional:

Bronze Edison Light Sconce

Bristow Bronze Light Sconce

This small, cheap ceiling fan hangs in my office:

White ceiling fan

I have no idea what I’m going to put in there….my office is a catch-all and has zero style at the moment. What kind of fixture coordinates well with a messy desk, piles of paperwork and dusty elliptical machine?

And then there’s this:

Ugly Ceiling fan

It was fine for the Moroccan theme I had in my bedroom several years ago and it works great. But every time I climb into bed I look up and think how ugly it is. I would love to install a gorgeous funky chandelier like THIS one from  Hart to Hart or THIS one from Centsational Girl, but my second floor is an oven during the summer and the fan gets a lot of use.  Do they even make ceiling fans that aren’t totally hideous?

What would you do? Would form or function win in your house?

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