Epic Parties

What’s more fun than a party?

Not much, in my book…and I like to relax and enjoy my parties once they are underway, so I definitely don’t go for high maintenance soirees. In this blog I’ll share tips and tricks for throwing the most fun parties EVER – without making yourself crazy.

Like the “Garden Party & Backyard Bacchanal” I threw a couple of years ago:

tequila bar 700

This was the view from the deck onto the patio from the tequila bar. We had a selection of anejo and reposado tequila along with various fun acoutrements and it was a huge hit, along with my DIY photo booth:

capagrecos 600


Brunch is one of my favorite ways to entertain….there is just something so relaxing about it. At my last brunch I put together a Bloody Mary bar:

Bloody Mary Bar 700

Needless to say, the bacon went over really well. 

I once hosted a wedding in my back yard on just 3 weeks notice:

wedding collage 600

So, if parties are your thing, check out anything in my “Party Central” category.

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