DIY Spice Drawer

When I moved into my house, the kitchen featured an ancient built in convection oven with one working burner. Awesome, right?

I’ve upgraded a couple of times since then, but since I pulled out the built in unit I’ve had a 3-inch gap between the stove and the cabinet that always drove me nuts.

When I started the kitchen remodel, my plan was to box that area in to camouflage it, but we came up with a better solution – this slide out spice rack.

Slide out spice rack

I got it from Amazon:

Base Cabinet Filler Pullout (3 in. W x 23 in. D x 30 in. H)
(affiliate link)

They come in lots of different dimensions, so make sure you carefully measure the space you’re working with. I found directions on how to make DIY versions of this, like this one from Classy Clutter, but we really wanted it to become part of the cabinet base. I struggled a little with the price, but I’m really happy with the end result.

I took the project a step farther and added dividers to the big drawer for the rest of the spices. My original idea was to put the dividers in horizontally, but we realized that the drawer wouldn’t pull out far enough to access the back row – so vertical made more sense.

DIY Spice Drawer

They do sell custom inserts for this purpose, but my version only cost a cost a few bucks.

The dividers are just strips of lauan and we used little self stick plastic bumpers to keep them in place:

DIY Spice Drawer 2

They are normally used underneath furniture or electronics so they don’t scratch whatever they are sitting on. This way if I decide I don’t want the dividers someday, they’ll be super easy to take out.

Plastic bumpers

Now all my seasonings are right next to the stove, which I LOVE.

DIY Spice Drawer and pull out spice rack - Organize your spices with an easy DIY spice drawer

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